Volunteer of the Year: Josi Wert

Volunteer of the Year: Josi Wert

Nominated by: Emily Giannobile, Judy Lysne, Beth Niedringhaus, Suzanne Shute, & Sarah Wagner

For more than 10 years, Josi Wert has been leading a weekly women’s book club for people with disabilities at Lifeworks Eagan. Nearly every Tuesday, she volunteers her time to read to a group of captivated women, many of whom have been in the group since it began.

Josi’s role as volunteer leader of the book club has created a community of readers who come together to be swept up in a story. While some women in the group are unable to speak or communicate easily, Josi goes the extra mile to make sure they are included and able to fully participate, socialize, and immerse themselves in the weekly ritual.

Even during times when she has faced challenges in her personal life, Josi has remained committed to the book club, always making the women involved a priority.


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