Employer of the Year: Travelers

Employer of the Year: Travelers

Nominated by: Susan Winterfeld Thompson

As an employer partner with Lifeworks since 1997, Travelers understands the importance of developing internal systems that increase access, enhance the company’s culture, and improve employee retention.

Over the past two years, Travelers’ corporate headquarters took charge in developing an inclusive model that has been successfully rolled out at the St. Paul location through an innovative partnership with Lifeworks and the Minnesota State Vocational Rehabilitation Department.

This collaboration enabled Travelers to source diverse talent and expand their pool of qualified applicants. Today, more than ten individuals that completed the internship work in Travelers’ Business Resource Center, processing thousands of legal documents so that attorneys can quickly and easily access them.

The opportunities for the people we serve at Travelers have been life-changing. Every employee receives full benefits, starts with a competitive wage, and has the chance to further grow their careers within the corporation.

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