Staff Excellence: Lori Noland

Staff Excellence: Lori Noland

Nominated by: Angela Baeten, Brian Begin, Sarah Franz, Mike Freiberg, Dr. Sheryl R Grassie, Carol Hearn, David Hearn, Tim Hearn, Kelly Kausel, Paula Oliver, Sara Santi, Kari Schamber, & Janice Weinmeyer

As the leader of the Lifeworks Brooklyn Park self-advocacy group, Lori Noland empowers people with disabilities to meet with their elected officials, sit in on committee meetings, and network with nonprofits and other advocates.

After several years of leading the group, Lori has taught countless individuals about their rights and helped them build authentic connections with the people who represent them by visiting the Capitol every Tuesday during the legislative session.

Lori has also played a pivotal role in arranging open houses where legislators have the opportunity to tour Lifeworks Brooklyn Park and meet with many individuals with disabilities, including those who may not be able to visit the Capitol.


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