Staff Excellence: Sandy Sanders

Staff Excellence: Sandy Sanders

Nominated by: Ashley Becker, Anne Graumann, Debra Harris, Jodi Iverson, Cirsten Meyen, Debra Nawrocki, Joey Oehmke, Janet Palek, Raquel Sidie-Wagner, Barbara Teed, Tracy VanHandel, and Samantha Zylerberg

For the past eighteen years, Lifeworks has been fortunate to have Sandy as part of our team. As a talented, tireless, and devoted artist, Sandy has created an incredibly innovative and meaningful art program that fosters community and helps the people we serve explore their gifts.

In her classroom, Sandy focuses on individual strengths and in the process creates amazing artwork that brings joy, giving people the chance to discover and perfect talents they may not have realized they had.

She is known for being an excellent mentor and for going above and beyond for everyone. From turning a sensory garden into a winter wonderland to entering artists’ work in to the Dakota County Fair, Sandy consistently puts the needs of others above her own so that they may shine.

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