Personal Achievement: Kari Hill

Personal Achievement: Kari Hill

Nominated by: Beth Coppock, Jodi Cruz Utech, Lori Schubert, Joan Swan, and Lisa West

Kari’s strong work ethic and kind demeanor have made her a valued part of the Securian Financial Group team. At Securian, Kari’s tasks take her throughout the entire corporate headquarters where she is known for being an upbeat, friendly presence.

Kari is also incredibly dedicated to her work and the people she helps. Five days a week for more than twenty years, Kari has spent an hour each way on the bus and then works a full day. Her coworkers will tell you that she is reliable and dependable. When special projects come up, Kari regularly takes them on and consistently performs.

As a full-time employee at Securian, Kari has been able to move from her family home to an apartment on her own while forming lasting friendships.

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