Personal Achievement: Ajani Lewis-McGhee

Personal Achievement: Ajani Lewis-McGhee

Nominated by: Russell Nelson, Gretchen Weaver, & Frances Woodson

As a small child, medical and education experts told Ajani Lewis-McGhee’s parents they shouldn’t expect he’d be able to accomplish much, due to his limitations. But AJ, as his friends at work call him, thrived as his family concentrated on his strengths.

For the past seven years, AJ has been an employee at Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America where he has consistently learned new skills, advanced, and shared his knowledge with co-workers as a trainer.

After years of preparation and focused development, AJ not only moved into his own apartment, but also independently planned a well-attended housewarming party.

Outside of work, AJ is very involved in politics, having served as a call bank volunteer and a doorknocker for Keith Ellison, Barack Obama, and Jacob Frey.


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