Advocate of the Year: Lori Koutsky

Advocate of the Year: Lori Koutsky

Nominated by: Barbara Baumann & Kristi Fox

Lori has been an effective advocate for all aspects of the Lifeworks and Securian Financial relationship since its inception. She had the foresight to recognize that employing Lifeworks Associates was mutually beneficial as it would not only help the people we serve find fulfilling careers, but also provide Securian with another source of dedicated employees.

Her take-charge presence coupled with her infectious, anything-is-possible attitude have led to several accomplishments.

Over the past twenty-five years, Lori has been responsible for Securian hiring multiple long-term employees, Securian representation on the Lifeworks Board of Directors for more than 15 years, financial support through the Securian Foundation, and cutting-edge programs.

As Lori retires this year, her steadfast advocacy for the people we serve are a significant highlight of her legacy.

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