Employer of the Year: Ameriprise Financial

Employer of the Year: Ameriprise Financial

Nominated by: Breanna Freberg, Marilyn Freberg, & Jean Rodgers

As a Lifeworks employer partner dating back 26 years, Ameriprise Financial has maintained a strong commitment to building a diverse workforce. Throughout that time, Ameriprise has provided mentorship, informational interview opportunities, access to specialized trainings, and flexibility for Lifeworks associates who utilize Metro Mobility or want to work remotely.

In addition to its long-term partnership as an employer, Ameriprise has generously donated to Lifeworks through its corporate giving program and served as a sponsor of the Lifeworks Annual Celebration.

In the last year, Ameriprise has broadened its relationship with Lifeworks by providing internship opportunities to multiple job seekers at its headquarters in Minneapolis, further demonstrating its commitment to inclusivity.


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